About us

And what if the time had come to vindicate the flavours of Spain? To make known the Spanish gastronomic legacy, cared for and nurtured with care by the hands of our grandmothers, our mothers, and women in general, lovers of cooking.

What if this experience became unprecedented in that it was carried out in the homes of the cooks themselves?

Sazón was born with the purpose of connecting homemade food, made with care, with tourists who want to enjoy an authentic experience that connects them to the people and the place where they land. A way that aims to show our culture without filters and with capital letters. We like the way we are and we like our cuisine just as it is, and that is how we want you to get to know it.

In this experience, the cooks will open the doors of their homes to delight diners at home with their best dishes. This is the greatness of Sazón, that its experiences are incomparable, because in addition to tasting the most traditional dishes, tourists will live for a few hours as if they were locals.

This is how Sazón was born.